How to Crush Your Communication Goals in the New Year

2018 is swiftly drawing to a close, and for many businesses, this time is about reflection, evaluation and setting attainable goals for the new year. Maybe in 2019 you want your business to increase revenue, become more profitable or spend some time sprucing up your image. But what about your communications goals? What parameters have you set so that you can effectively convey your company’s overall message? In an industry where social interaction is constant and valuable, clear, creative communication has never been so important. This month, we’re outlining three ways you can connect with your audience and crush your communication goals in 2019.


1. Create Cohesive Content

When it comes to promoting your business, delivering a consistent message is crucial to effectively communicate with your audience. Customers favor brand consistency because it’s easy to recognize. As a marketer, you want to make sure your message is the same across all platforms, including but not limited to your website, social media, printed material and videos. The more consistent your message is the easier it will be for potential customers to identify your brand.

Take Geico, for example. The auto-insurance giant has been communicating the same message to consumers for over 18 years. They want their customers to know that “15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.” You probably can’t count how many times you’ve heard that slogan, but you can recite it. Throughout the years, Geico has done an excellent job of communicating their message in creative ways on multiple platforms while always keeping it consistent.

2. Research Social Trends

In order to keep a cohesive message, spend some time researching upcoming media trends for 2019. You want your message to remain consistent, but with advancements in technology, there are always new, creative ways to connect with your audience. How do you find where your audience is? Through identifying social trends and integrating those trends into your communications plan.

If you’ve never researched social trends before, now is the perfect time to start. Hootsuite just released their social media predictions for 2019. We won’t ruin it for you, but social stories, Facebook ads and messaging apps are hot topics for 2019. What does this research look like? Influencers and industry leaders are constantly putting out quality podcasts, webinars and articles to help you stay in the know. Because this is a medium that changes often, stay up to date with the latest social trends and find practical ways to implement them into your marketing strategy. You may be surprised at how much your audience engages with your brand when they see that you’re ahead of the game.

3. Revisit Your Brand’s Message

Because trends are always on the move, you should constantly be evaluating your company’s message. One way you can do this is to schedule quarterly check-ins to make sure all of your messaging in current, accurate and relevant. Set aside a time to run analytics and determine what works with your messaging and what needs to be improved.


Each new year beckons new ideas, new challenges and new opportunities. We believe that by implementing these three simple strategies into your communications plan, your brand will effectively reach your audience in 2019. Sometimes the most difficult part of a developing a compelling communications strategy is setting attainable goals. Moore Media Group would love to help you set practical communications objectives so you can reach your audience in new and creative ways in the coming year. Click here to connect with us.