3 Ways to Present Your Brand's Story

If you’ve ever taken a literature class, you can likely recall some of the stories you read even years later. If you’re an avid reader, you might even be able to remember several characters’ names or even descriptions from your favorite books. If you’re more of a movie fan, chances are you can replay details from a film in your mind that you saw six months ago. Why is this?

It’s because humans relate to stories. Storytelling is how we communicate with one another. It’s how we’ve always communicated. So it’s no wonder you can recall all those details from stories you’ve seen or heard. People remember stories. Above all the noise being shouted at us throughout our daily lives, stories make us stop, listen and remember what we’ve just heard.

Your marketing should do the same. But how? How do you get people to buy into your company’s purpose? How do you make a lasting impact on your audience? We've broken it down into three easy practices for you to keep in mind.


1. Keep it simple

Telling your brand’s story is important, but doing it in a way that people can easily understand is critical. The human brain is attracted to clarity, not clutter. Stories help us make sense of the information that we’re taking in, but it’s important for our messages to stay simple.

Simple messages are successful because they don’t make the audience work hard to understand them. Businesses who use fancy, technical terminology and jargon to explain their brands are going to lose their audience’s attention because people don’t communicate that way. When telling your brand’s story, it’s important to clearly communicate your message, because in the end, customers will buy the product they understand the most clearly.

2. Reposition your brand

Your brand’s story will always be yours to tell; however, if you want customers to engage with your message, your business cannot be the hero of the story. In Donald Miller’s Building A Story Brand, Miller explains that the customer has to be the main character, while your brand is simply a supporting role. He explains that great movies follow a specific formula.

The main character or the hero wants something.

There is an obstacle or problem the the hero has to overcome in order to get what he/she wants.

There is a plan or call to action that the hero must follow in order to succeed.

Another important component of every great story is the hero’s guide. Miller points out that this guide usually gives the hero some information to help him/her get whatever it is that they want. And that’s where your brand comes in.

Your brand should show the customer that what you have to offer helps him/her get what they want. Your customer is the hero, and it’s your brand’s job to be their guide. Repositioning your brand from hero to helper may seem daunting, but making your customer the focus of your story really isn’t as complicated as it sounds. It can be as simple as changing the way you present your message. Instead of using pronouns like “we,” “us” and “our,” customer-centric brands use words like “you,” “your” and “yours.” By centering your message around the customer, you give them a chance to be the hero, while you help them save the day.

3. Make it Personal

Every company has a story. It’s what makes you unique from every other business out there offering the same services. Your customers want to know what you can offer them, to make them successful in a way no one else can. How are you unique? What specific needs are you meeting for your customers? This is the information you need to focus on, and this is the information you need to make easily accessible on your website, social media and promotional material.

More than any of this, customers want to know how you fit into their story. They want to know how you can make their life better. If you clearly communicate to your customers how you can uniquely help them succeed, they’re much more likely to trust your company and want to work with you.


Your story is not about you. It’s about the customer, what they need, and how your business can help them thrive. Keep it simple, and tell your customer how you can make them the hero.

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