4 Reasons You Should Use Video To Promote Your Business


Think back on your day. Could you tell me any details about the digital advertisements you saw since you woke up this morning? Where did you see them? Were they on a website? On Facebook? Instagram? How did they make you feel? Do you remember what brands they represented?

My guess is probably not. Our world is cluttered with ads. Marketers, researchers and influencers are all fighting for the same thing: your attention. And the best way they’ve found to cut through the clutter and turn your focus toward what they’re offering is, you guessed it– video.

A 2018 study found that 87% of marketers are using online videos, making it one of the most common avenues for advertising. Not only is it one of the most prevalent, it’s also one of the most effective ways to digitally promote your business, considering that 85% of U.S. internet users watch videos online. The good news is, video is more affordable and accessible for companies to use than ever before. Check out our list of 4 reasons why your business should consider investing in video marketing.

1. Ease of Consumption

Have you ever gotten stuck inside a “YouTube hole?” This occurs when the video, you originally came to watch on YouTube ends, and another video autoplays with a similar topic. Fast forward two hours later, and you’re watching videos of cats getting themselves stuck in small objects and asking yourself how you got here.

Cat in container.gif

Why is it so easy to get caught up in videos? Studies show video demands less effort for the brain to comprehend, because it acts more like a conversation than written words do, requiring us to do less mental processing. In fact, 80% of people say that they can vividly recall a video ad they’ve seen in the last month. Videos are memorable, and they leave impressions.

This is not to say that written forms of marketing don’t have a place in promoting your business. Online advertisements and product blogs are great ways to build your company’s engagement, but using video is the easiest, and arguably the most productive way to garner attention in this ad-polluted world.

2. Emotional Connection

As humans, we all have emotions. Some good, some bad. Some we wear on our sleeves, and some we keep tucked away deep inside. Regardless, we all have them, and they make it easier for us to connect with each other. To relate and understand. Using video in your marketing strategy is the strongest way to connect with your audience on a compelling, emotional level.

Video makes it possible to connect with people in ways that graphics and text can’t. Body language, facial expressions, tone of voice and hand gestures are all components of videos that viewers can perceive that might not be understood in other forms of advertising. Your viewers will feel like they’re getting to know the people, places and products featured on the screen, leading them to want to spend more time investing in the relationship. Video allows you to tell a story – to make your viewers laugh or tug at their heartstrings. This leads to a more meaningful connection with your audience, higher engagement on your content and an overall deeper customer/company relationship.

3. Better Engagement

We’ve established that the human brain loves video. The combination of moving images and sound makes it easy for viewers to pay attention. But the goal is not just to capture your audience’s attention; it’s to encourage them to engage with your brand – another task where video is proven to succeed. Check out these statistics:

While they may require a bit more effort on the front end, the numbers show over and over again that investing your time and energy is worth it if you want to truly connect with your audience.

4. More Customer Conversions

Using social video doesn’t only increase engagement, but it actually creates more customer conversions. Customers want to know your story, so posting a video on your website about your business could improve your conversion rates. Research shows that visitors spend twice the amount of time on websites with video than those without it. The more time that a visitor spends on your website, the more likely it is that they’ll choose to move forward with your product or service.

Customers also love to see, feel or experience a product before they agree to buy it, especially with big purchases. However if a product or service is not readily available to a consumer, many will opt to watch a video about the product. YouTube and Vimeo are overflowing with product reviews because customers have and will always want to know about a product before they purchase it. Posting a video explaining your product will help you gain trust with your audience and likely increase your sales.


Videos are the most effective way to share your story and your product with the world. Over any other form of content, videos perform better. They connect more deeply, and they sell your product. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how many words a video is worth.

If you’re looking to incorporate video into your social and digital strategy but have questions, Moore Media Group is here to help. We would love to give you the tools you need to connect with your audience, improve your social engagement and increase your customer conversion rates. Click below to connect with us to talk about how video can help you change your business.