4 Takeaways from my Internship


Jacob Holden interned with Moore Media Group in the Spring of 2019. He wrote about his experience and what he gained from it.

The unpaid internship. Maybe you’re an adult who remembers your college years and the hours you gave to a company. Maybe you’re currently in college and are dreading the thought of spending your time, talent and effort with no pay.

Whichever category you fall under, and whichever emotions you hold, I hope my experience will leave you with some hope. I spent my final semester of college interning at Moore Media Group. During my time there I grew as a professional and learned valuable lessons I’d like to share with you. Here are four takeaways from my time as a Moore Media intern:


It’s what every employer is looking for. It’s the currency of the business world. The problem is, though, bosses want you to have a lot of it. That’s a challenge for someone in college. How am I supposed to have three plus years of experience in the field I just got my diploma in? Luckily for me, my major required an internship and I had no idea where I would go. I majored in Public Relations, but the only experience I had was isolated to the classroom. I needed a place to practice and beef up my resume if I ever wanted to have something to show. Enter Moore Media Group.

As an intern, I wrote press releases that were picked up by multiple news outlets and resulted in our clients being featured across the state. I worked on public relations campaigns that will actually be used by businesses in the Jackson area. In my classes at school, I worked on hypothetical situations, but the internship gave me the opportunity to be a part of something that would be implemented in the real world. I also got to use my passion for art. It was more than another project just for my enjoyment; the work I did is being used by businesses. Thanks to my internship, I have so much I can put in my professional portfolio. I had a total of three different portfolios this semester as an outgoing senior. Senior Portfolio, Internship Portfolio, and Graphic Design Portfolio. All three of these portfolios featured multiple, if not all, pieces I worked on during my time with Moore Media Group.

Don’t underestimate the power of experience. It's what everyone expects from an internship, but not everyone understands its value.


It's the one thing I didn’t expect to get from my internship. There’s a lot of insecurity in college. You’re inexperienced but eager to please. Since I worked with Moore Media Group, though, I’m more aware of and confident in my capabilities. I now have letters of reference from Emily and Jesse. I worked extremely close with them, and they were able to see me in a professional environment and provide feedback. They know my work ethic and can speak directly to how I would function if someone were to hire me in the future. They work with a lot of clients, and I will now be able to utilize their connections as I move forward in my career.

Not only does that help me with future employers, but it helps me as an individual. Their ability to show me grace and patience – that’s the best kind of work environment. They would remind me what I was good at, and their compliments were often surprising. Being told I not only developed as a writer but was also pretty good at it helped. It’s made me enjoy writing and want to include it in a future career.


It was helpful to have a sense of responsibility. I had plenty of classes to keep me busy, but there was something about meeting deadlines and the assignments I had with Moore Media Group that felt more rewarding. When I turned something in at school, I may have received some feedback or gotten a letter grade. That’s fine in the classroom where everyone wants an A+, but that’s not what happens in the real world. At school, I was never told fully why what I did was good; I only know what grade I got.

At my internship, however, I received a lot of feedback from Jesse about the quality of the content I was producing. I would create social media messaging for clients each month. The first month I had to make a lot of edits to my writing. It was a bit embarrassing to have my work edited so thoroughly. There were times my words didn’t even make the final cut, and I had to learn to be okay with that. Our main goal was to help the client promote their business and connect with their audience. I learned to take constructive criticism and developed useful skills that I would have missed out on if she hadn’t pushed me to be better.

I became more efficient with my time, and that’s something I’ve always struggled with. I have no problem admitting I’m a procrastinator, but my future boss might take issue with it. There were early days where I didn’t schedule out my day well enough and had to pay for it with late nights creating content. I learned to separate school from work. All it took was learning how to balance and prioritize.


An internship helps you figure out your potential career field. It’s sometimes hard to fully know what a job will be like when you only have the classroom as an example. There were multiple times over my college career where I questioned my major. The thoughts of “Do I love this major?” and “I hate this class” flooded my mind. I entered Moore Media Group and worked in social media — an area of communications my school didn’t offer yet.

I focused on branding and social media usage, which is something I didn’t know if I was good at or know I liked. This helped me understand the missing piece to my communications education. I found it helpful and though I don’t think I’ll do it for a living, I have not only a ton of experience and feel incredibly well-rounded, but I have a better idea of where I want to put my energy vocationally.

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